Investment pieces should be adaptable. How much scarier is it to make a big purchase if there’s no possibility of changing it?

We don’t fear change at Burrow. We design for it. That’s why we built our couches to be modular and adaptable, so they can be easily folded up and transported to your new home when you get an amazing job offer and make that crazy move across the country. It’s why we allow you to add seats as your family and space grows.

It’s why we made our cushions reversible, because we embrace change of all kinds, whether it’s life-altering or moment-to-moment, on a whim.

It’s why we’re launching new wood legs today.

Wood legs have always been part of our product innovation plan, but listening to our customers' feedback, we knew the time was now.

In keeping with our brand mission, we set out to find the most durable and sustainable option.

That turned out to be Parawood, also known as Asian Oak. It comes from Para rubber trees, but we promise it’s not bendy at all. It’s a hardwood with great grain and texture. (Those are wood terms, if you didn’t know.)

After rubber trees are juiced for their sap to make rubber, they get cut down and new ones are planted to repeat the cycle.

We pounce on the wood from the cut-down trees that would otherwise be discarded. Earth FTW.

Finally, they’re here.

We have two shades: A lovely Scandinavian light wood and a sophisticated mid-century dark wood. We still have our classic matte black metal legs, of course.

If you buy a new Burrow couch today, the legs will be an additional option in your customization process. If you already own a Burrow, legs will be available to purchase separately at the end of April.

They’re totally backwards-compatible, so you can swap out all three leg options in less than 5 minutes, no tools required.

One last thing—they’re really beautiful.