Of all the things we love about winter, staying indoors is definitely one of them. You know we love cozying up with our favorite book, watching a new film, and just staying on the sofa in general. However, we’re still familiar with getting bored around the house during the brutal cold. Here are a few of our favorite ways to spice things up without setting foot outside of the house.

  1. Here’s a modern twist on a classic way to spend downtime. Binge watch an entire series, but find an indie series you’ve never heard of on Youtube.
  2. Look up some urban legends or conspiracy theories.
  3. Start a fun blog about your life.
  4. Quickly whiten your teeth by mixing up a paste of baking soda and lemon juice.
  5. Catch up on celebrity gossip.
  6. Cook up something using only the ingredients you already have in your kitchen. This can be disastrous or hilariously fun.
  7. Practice your best model walk.
  8. Take a nap.
  9. Scribble some random lines on a paper and try to turn it into a creative drawing.
  10. Write a letter to a friend.
  11. Clean out your closet. It sounds boring, but it’s better than wasting time.
  12. Make a bucket list.
  13. Do you makeup for not other reason than to take a selfie. Turn the moment into an entire mini-photoshoot. Make some crazy edits on Photoshop.
  14. Try a guided meditation on Youtube. Set out some candles and really get your zen on.
  15. Take a long shower. Practice your singing if you dare.
  16. Write your goals down for the year or create a wishlist on Amazon.
  17. Make a cocktail.
  18. Reorganize your furniture. You can even look up some feng-shui techniques to brighten up your space.
  19. Do an at-home workout. Check out some of our favorite tips here.
  20. Ask your most musical friend for some new artists to check out. Dance and sing your heart out while you listen to some new tunes.
  21. Play solitaire.
  22. Try learning some basic sign language on Youtube. If your roommate or friend is home, have them join in!
  23. Plan a surprise party for a friend just because.
  24. Write a song.
  25. Have a very emotional conversation with Siri or Alexa.
  26. Listen to an true-crime podcast series. Solve the murder and collect the reward money.
  27. Register to vote.
  28. Take everything out of your pantry or refrigerator, wipe down all surfaces, and organize your shelves as you put things away.
  29. Practice your autograph.
  30. Look for a free online course.
  31. Start a bullet journal.
  32. Look up a new city on Google Earth and take a virtual tour.
  33. Give your roommate a crazy makeover.
  34. Make a short funny film on your phone.
  35. Get up and give yourself a good stretch. It’ll clear your mind and help you think of something better to do.
  36. Online shop and find the best deals.
  37. Prank call someone.
  38. Write a short story. There are hundreds of easy writing prompts on the internet to get you started.
  39. Take a test to see how many words you can type per minute.
  40. Clean out the photos on your phone. Better yet, backup your phone.
  41. Download some new apps from the app store.
  42. Build your dream closet on Pinterest.
  43. Write a haiku.
  44. Try to solve some epic riddles.
  45. Learn how to juggle or try to learn how to juggle.
  46. Create an anonymous twitter account and live tweet your favorite movie series.
  47. There’s nothing wrong with reading a book from cover to cover. Check out some of our January recommends here: (link to blog)
  48. Clean your baseboards and crown molding.
  49. Do laundry. Again, it sounds boring, but at least you’re being productive.
  50. Paint your nails. Use a mix of brown sugar and olive oil as an exfoliant and give yourself the spa treatment.
  51. See if you can find anything good on Craigslist.
  52. Film a home tour for a Youtube channel. Even if you never post the video, share it with your family or friends.
  53. Learn some survival skills.
  54. Unsubscribe from emails you no longer want to receive. As you do this, make sure you delete and file your emails appropriately.
  55. Clean your makeup brushes or your sneakers.
  56. Write a letter to your future self and hide it somewhere in your house.
  57. Sing karaoke to some of your all time favorite songs.
  58. Plan your dream home layout.
  59. Learn how to fold a fitted sheet.
  60. Run a bath and do a facemask. Try making the most of this downtime while you have it!
  61. Play an old video game that you used to be obsessed with. If you don’t have a game console, you can probably download some on your phone.
  62. Do the 100 layers of shirts challenge. That’ll keep you busy for quite awhile.
  63. Look for a place to start volunteering at on the weekends.
  64. Try to say the alphabet backwards.
  65. Write down a list of things you’re proud of and look at it when you are feeling down.
  66. Do a science experiment.
  67. Create a playlist of songs that make you think of a friend and share it with them.
  68. Make an online dating profile.
  69. Try doing a stand-up comedy routine in the mirror. See if you can make yourself laugh.
  70. Plan out your meals for the month and create a detailed grocery list.
  71. Sometimes it can be really fun to take a moment to reminisce. Go through old Christmas cards, photos, and journals.
  72. Memorize five good jokes to whip out when the time is right.
  73. Alphabetize something.
  74. Try doing the lyric prank on a friend.
  75. Stalk someone you don’t know on Instagram.
  76. Create a pair of ripped jeans.
  77. Read some inspirational quotes from people who inspire you. Leave some of your favorites on post-it notes around the house.
  78. Clean your phone and phone case. It’s probably very dirty.
  79. Make a sock puppet.
  80. Look up the names of your friends on Urban Dictionary and send them the results.
  81. Plan your ideal vacation out hour by hour.
  82. Facetime a friend you haven’t heard from in awhile.
  83. Draw your family tree as far back as you can go.
  84. Update your LinkedIn profile and try to make some new professional connections.
  85. Make popcorn and try some interesting toppings.
  86. Bake something.
  87. Find an old t-shirt you don’t need, and use it for a fun DIY project. See what other things you can make from recycled materials you already have around the house.
  88. Make fruit infused water.
  89. Create a collage with old pictures or magazine photos.
  90. Get lost on the endless Instagram explore page scroll.
  91. Come up with cute outfits for special occasions using clothes you already own. Take photos so you don’t forget!
  92. Embrace your inner child and build a fort.
  93. See how long you can hold your breath.
  94. Create a fan twitter account for one of your friends. Make them feel like a celebrity.
  95. Write a poem using predictive text on your phone.
  96. Conduct a fake interview with yourself so you can be prepared for your next interview.
  97. Think about where you see yourself in five years.
  98. Look up your name origin.
  99. Keep your brain busy. Do a puzzle or take a grammar quiz.

We’d love to see what fun things you do when you’re bored! Make your own list and share it with us on Twitter at @burrow.