Aries - Diamond Pattern Pillow Cover


Known for always saying what you think, the blunt edges of this geometric print suit your unfiltered lifestyle. If there was ever a sign open to bold colors and bright prints, it’s certainly you.

Taurus - Natural Macrame Pillow Cover


This pillow was knotted by hand, and we know how much you love getting your hands dirty. After all, you’re the hardest working sign in the Zodiac!

Gemini - Geometric Circles Pillow Cover


Twins. Two-faced. You’re known by many double-edged names, but in reality you’re just a chameleon. There’s nothing wrong with being adaptable, and this geometric circles pillow can fit into any eclectic home.

Cancer - Faux Fur Pillow Cover


Ruled entirely by emotion, you need a pillow as soft as your heart. This pillow is just as warm and cozy as your childhood pet, and perfect if you need a shoulder to cry on, Mood Child.

Leo - Faux Leather Pillow Cover


You’re known as a trailblazer, but it’s not all hard work for you. Sometime people miss your sensitive heart because your passion is so loud. Our Faux Leather pillow is industrial by design and ethical in practice. Just like you.

Virgo - The Essential Set


A Virgo will always get the job done. You’re essential to any friend group, and once you’ve made a friend you keep them for life. The essential collection is made to fit into any home, and we can’t think of a sign more essential than you.

Libra - The Bohemian Set


Some might think your indecisiveness as one of your flaws, but we’d wager it makes for an eclectic home. The Bohemian Set should fit right in.

Scorpio - Gray Jersey Pillow Cover


Scorpio’s can seem closed off, but deep down you’re one of the most loyal and loving signs. The Gray Jersey pillow cover is knotted in a thick, hand-woven braid, but entirely soft to touch. It may seem closed off and conservative, but up close it’s the perfect pillow.

Sagittarius - The Rustic Set


This collection was inspired by honest materials and traditional weaving methods, and you know a thing or two about honesty. You’re big spirit and creativity is a perfect match for this broad style and sweet design.

Capricorn - The Industrial Set


You adhere strictly to the rules, but you’re also extremely creative in nature. This collection was inspired by artists and the creative vigor of the city. If there was ever a word to describe you, it’d be vigorous.

Aquarius - Buffalo Check Print Pillow Cover


Buffalo check print creates equal sized squares in all directions, and an Aquarian can appear in one of two ways. You’re either reserved or extremely loud. There is no in-between. Luckily, this pillow suits you either way.

Pisces - Ivory Embroidered Lumbar Pillow Cover


Your presence is comforting to others around you, and you’re accepted by most everyone. This pillow plays equally well with Industrial, Rustic, or Bohemian, and as a lumbar pillow, it’ll provide support anytime you need someone to lean on.