After a quick New York minute (No, not the Olsen twins movie), Jordan Rosenacker left NYC in a Jeep headed west. He had just joined on as Atlas Coffee Club's Executive Creative Director and was anxious to help grow the brand. With a bootstrapped budget and no office or apartments to be beholden to, Jordan and his co-Founder Michael Shewmake set out to share their new brew across the country. The guys stopped through in Virgina Beach, Austin (this is important later in the story), Marfa, New Orleans (shoutout to Cafe Du Monde, please send us some beignets!) Los Angeles, and a few other locals.

Like all good tales, their journey didn't quite have an end destination. Well, I guess this road trip had a final stop - a family member in San Clemente offered the guys a few couches to recharge before continuing to the next adventure.

Ultimately, they made their way to Austin, TX where they found a one-of-a-kind spot in the the Holly Neighborhood of East Austin. They turned it into their Atlas HQ and got to work.

Since setting up shop in Austin, the spotlight has started to shine brightly on Atlas - receiving accolades locally (The Austin Chronicle: Coffee With A Conscience and nationally (USA TODAY: National Coffee Day.

You traveled from Cincinnati to New York to Austin. Tell me a bit about the journey?
I moved to NY from Cincinnati without a job to pursue a creative and professional dream. The move was motivated by the notion that it would accelerate an appreciation and better understanding of culture, the arts, community, personal and professional development.

Four years in New York City was like going to Life University. It taught me indispensable lessons, all in its perfect New York City kinda way. Challenging, rewarding, and cinematic.


The move from NY to Austin was a decision to build the dream and not chase it. Austin, TX is a town of great personality, spirit, and foundation. With it's own charm and attitude, Austin is the best of what I've found on both the West Coast and East Coast. The intersection of creativity, community, healthy living, identity, and a fine quality of living.


Did you ever think you’d be in Austin? Has it taken a while to feel like home?
I never thought I'd live here, no. When I first visited Austin, taking the escalator down at the Austin Bergstrom airport I remember the feeling of nostalgia before I even had anything to be nostalgic about. It was and has been a very welcoming, inspiring, and approachable city.


*Photo: Jordan and Michael Shewmake (Co-Founder of Atlas Coffee Club) *

Managing to grow a company keeps the days busy. How do you keep some structure in your life?
I start each day with the following:
1__ Make my bed
2__ Drink two 8oz glasses of water
3__ Make a pour over of some delicious coffee (obviously)
4__ Quickly check to see if there are any important emails or calls
5__ Read a daily devotional & journal about what I'm thankful for, what I want to accomplish for that day, and revisit / plan my goals for the week.

Then I take the day accordingly, every day is different and always wild. I love it. While I move about I always make sure I make time for six things each day: 1. eat healthy, 2. drinks loads of water, 3. exercise, 4. call or connect with friends and family, 5. read / learn something 6. be inspired

I have these two quotes put up as reminders in my calendar to make sure I stay the course:

  • "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Will Durant

  • "If you repeated today every day for the next year, realistically, where would you end up?" - Benjamin P. Hardy

How do you continue to stay inspired?
I try to keep inspiring people, ideas, and businesses in my orbit as a habit. It's a part of my daily routine when I close out my night - I read something new / learn something new / grow to be more inspired.

The Atlas Coffee Club House- How has it been working and living in the same space?
There's a momentum and energy that comes with knowing our time together is strategically doubled. As a startup, you never want to feel like you aren't working smart or hard enough. Living and working together inescapably leads to putting in more work, ha! We love it. Loads of caffeine helps.


Take us around your house for a bit. How do you keep it one-of-a-kind, special, unique... you get where I'm going with this.
Ha! Well, all of my one-of-a-kind items have traveled with me. Their more of a representation of what they stand for and the story they communicate vs. a physical destination. Life is always in motion, and you'll always be changing. I think the trick to living without losing sight of "home" is to write your story and keep the things you love with you.


1. A PAIR OF APC JEANS (No, Jordan did not buy from the APC Butler Program)
I like to live minimally, with a few nice things that age and grow with my personality. This pair of denim, that I got my first year in NYC, is one of those things. I've worn these jeans for years now, traveling the world, and wearing them in so many of my life's moments- it's quite fun to think about. It has the tears, rips, and fades to prove it.


Everywhere I go, I keep home alive within me. I look at postcards as reminders to stay connected to what matters. Whenever / wherever I travel, I always grab 3 postcards - one for my family, one for a friend, and one for me. I always write and send my thoughts on my most recent journey, and communicate my love and my appreciation. I have hundreds of them.


All of my great ideas start with coffee. You better believe my mug brews some meaning...


At the start of each New Year, I write out what I want my story to be for the next 365 days as a giant web of goals, creative projects, values, habits, and ways I grow in my relationships and as a person.


What does it mean for you to feel Finally Home?
Being my best self for others. There's an undeniable peace and unshakable confidence in knowing you're doing what you can to be better for others, to not take any talent to the grave, and to know you are working on leaving this earth a better place than when you found it.

Home isn't a destination, it's a state of being.

What’s next for you? And what’s next for Atlas?
More coffee. More culture. More community.

Who are two people we should speak with next?
Ben Boskovich
Jacob Berman

Who are you leaving us for to go have coffee with?
The gym.

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Bonus Question - Austin’s tagline has always been – Keep Austin Weird – how do you think the city is unique?
Not sure I can capture lightning in a bottle here - come visit and find out.