Leah Flores describes her home decor style as "earth-tone eclectic."

"I love being surrounded by more calm, muted colors that can be found in nature," Leah says. It makes sense, as an artist and photographer living in the Pacific Northwest, her favorite scenes to shoot are those moody mountain views. You may have seen her work on a poster, pillow, mug, or shower curtain—her designs are all over! Read on for the roster of Leah's cat's and dog's names, her Cinderella-esque morning ritual, and her current favorite craft beer (it's hard to choose!)

How did you end up in the Pacific Northwest?
I was fortunate to be born in the Pacific Northwest! My father is from Costa Rica and upon moving to the United States his first work assignments were luckily in the PNW. My mother was in a military family stationed near Seattle. I was born near Portland, Oregon and now live in Boise, Idaho.

What are your favorite things about the region?
My favorite thing about the Pacific Northwest is its landscapes. We have mountains, forests, rivers, deserts, a beautiful coastline, and even a rainforest! Everything is so alive and green.

Screen-Shot-2018-02-09-at-4.28.05-PM All images by Leah Flores.

What are your dog's and cat's names? Any good stories of how you got them?
My husband and I love animals and have rescued them from various shelters or found them abandoned over the years. Here are all of their names!

  1. Gunnar | Dog | Named after a Norse mythology word for ‘war.’
  2. Oakley | Cat | Named after Annie Oakley.
  3. Skagit | Cat | Named after the county the kitten was found in.
  4. Jasper | Dog | Named after Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies.
  5. Stamper | Dog | Named after a family’s last name in Ken Kesey’s novel ‘Sometimes a Great Notion.’
  6. Galway | Cat | Named after the poet Galway Kinnell.
  7. Arya | Cat | Named after a Game of Thrones character.
  8. Wendell | Cat | Named after the novelist, poet, and environmentalist, Wendell Berry.

What are your at-home rituals?
I have a little morning routine—I wake up and let our ducks out of their hutch (yes, we have ducks, too!), let the dogs out, and give all of the animals breakfast. I start every day hanging out in the backyard with coffee watching my dogs run and play!


What’s your creative community like?
I have a creative community at home and online! My husband and close friends are all talented, creative individuals whether it be writing, woodworking, or calligraphy. One of my biggest communities is online, however! Most of my business is online and over the years I have gotten to be friends with some amazing artists all around the globe. I’ve been lucky to actually meet many of them in person over the years including Terry and Eric Fan, Bianca Green, and many more.

What’s your favorite thing to take pictures of?
My favorite thing to take images of is forest scenes with descending fog. I can’t imagine anything more magical.


Are you more of a homebody or a go-out person?
I am a total homebody unless I am traveling. I am fortunate that with my art and photography work I’ve been able to travel the world. When I am exploring a new city I barely sleep because I want to spend every second soaking in new sights and sounds. But when I'm not on an adventure I’m a total homebody. I even spend more time at home than the average person because I am self-employed! Spending so much time here it’s important to me for home to feel like a place you want to be.


What are the three things you keep on hand in case friends show up to hang out at your place?
Beer, a great playlist, and blankets. I love having guests over in our cozy living room.

Craft beer of choice?
This might be the most difficult question! I grew up in Portland which is home to over 80 breweries so I have always loved to experiment and try new beers. Lately I’ve been really enjoying IPA’s and the beer coming out of Crux Fermentation Project in Bend, Oregon.

What’s on your playlist?
I’ve been listening to Shawn James and the Shapeshifters, Jacob Banks, Ray LaMontagne, Sturgill Simpson, and Brandi Carlile quite a bit recently!


How would you describe your home decor style?
Much of the furniture and decor in my home I’ve found in local thrift shops and antique stores. I really like pairing more modern furniture (like my Burrow couches!) with vintage finds.

What’s your favorite spot in your home to unwind?
I love cuddling on my Burrow Chaise Sofa! I love being able to stretch out, be wrapped up in a blanket, and have room for one of my pets to curl up with me. I’ve been hanging out in the living room binge-watching ‘Altered Carbon’ on Netflix lately. I’m also a little bit in love with Joel Kinnaman. I know that wasn’t anywhere near the original question, I just felt like sharing.

What three things do you think are mandatory for a cozy space?
Pillows, blankets, and a cat! I get my blankets from Society6 and they are so soft and you can pick the design from thousands of incredible artists (including me!). I actually just designed a new blanket that I’m in love with. It’s very Pacific Northwest.


What two qualities make you a great host?
One is being open and welcoming. Something that has always been important to my husband and I is to have the kind of house and to be the kind of hosts that when people come over they feel like they are at home. We are actually going to be moving to a new house later this week and a good friend of ours cried because she said she would miss our current house so much because it felt like home to her!

And two, food and drinks... (lots of drinks). My husband is an INCREDIBLE cook and he is always serving up the most amazing food when friends come over. We also make sure to have beer, wine, and whiskey on hand at all times.