City of the Sun is an on-the-rise Brooklyn-based musical trio you may have seen busking on Bedford, or at their recent Brooklyn Steel gig. We stopped by John's place in Greenpoint to talk musical inspirations, best places to catch shows in the city, and what they keep on hand at home in case of impromptu company.

How did you guys start making music together?
Zach: When the three of us met we were supposed to test out the chemistry by jamming at my studio space. It was a really hot August day and the AC was broken so we decided to go outside and play on Bedford Ave and North 7th St in Williamsburg. John and Avi had been playing together for a while so they had a fair amount of songs, but it was my first time playing the music. It clicked and people liked it. We ended up busking for the rest of the summer and things started developing from there.


What instrument do each of you play?
Zach: In the group I primarily play cajon and aux percussion but have a foundation on the drum set and have been incorporating that more and more as time goes on.
John: I play guitar, acoustic steel string and electric.
Avi: And I also play guitar, classic nylon string and electric.

How would you describe your music to someone who had never heard it?
John: I would describe as cinematic, ethereal, and unique.

Who are your greatest musical inspirations?
John: Santana, Bob Dylan, Bon Iver and Explosions in the Sky.


What endangered animal would you wanna keep as a pet?
John: A panda bear.
Zach: None. Because they are endangered and should be in the wild! BUT, I have always loved big cats. Jaguars and tigers are my favorites.

What are three things you always keep on hand in case friends show up to hang out at your place?
John: The Apple TV remote, some drinks and snacks.
Avi: Tahini and toilet paper.
Zach: Tacos (or nachos), chocolate, a record collection.


How has your home decor strategy developed over the years/what has been the biggest factor of change?
Zach: I live with 3 others and we often have guests over at our place. The dynamic changed once I got my king size sofa from Burrow! We are never short of a place to sit and we have spent more time in the living room since adding the new edition.


What are your at-home rituals?
Zach: Besides the obvious eating and sleeping I like to devote a lot of time to practicing, reading and studying, cooking and exercising.

What’s the best show you’ve played to date?
Zach: Our best show was our most recent show at Brooklyn Steel on February 23rd. Not only did we unveil some new music but we had an awesome light show and improved sound. Also, it was pretty packed and the energy was high!


Where are your favorite places to listen to music in the city?
John: I love going to shows at Brooklyn Steel.
Avi: One of my favorite places to listen to music in the city is Central Park. Also venues like Brooklyn Steel, Beacon Theatre and Terminal 5.

Photos by Laura June Kirsch
Listen to City of the Sun here: