She's a model, actress, blogger, and mother. We sat down with Alissa Laderer to see how she wears so many hats.

Talk to us about motherhood. How do you manage it all?
I don’t! I am a mess. I am still trying to navigate this new crazy world. Balance is really important, and I am trying to find that balance between work, Poppy, and still finding time for myself. So hard!

What are your favorite ways to unwind after a long day?
I like to have a glass of wine and watch a show. I’m currently watching Workaholics and Ozarks. Then I catch up on all the work I didn’t get done during the day.

Favorite movie to watch with your daughter?
She’s a little too young for movies, but she loves to watch shows! Right now we are watching a ton of Peppa Pig - before that Boss Baby and Spongebob!

How would you describe your home?
Still not complete!. We moved from a tiny 600-square-foot NYC apartment to a 2-bedroom apartment here in LA and we have so much empty space and not enough things to fill it up with! We wanted to go for a modern, quirky, industrial vibe, and I think we are on the way to that goal!

Do you have any tips for new moms?
Savor every single minute. It literally flies by. I blinked and Poppy was 2. It is so crazy. Everyday is so different.

Guilty pleasure foods?
Rainbow cookies, cake of any kind, salt and vinegar chips. Ugh, I’m hungry.

Last question. What’s the first thing you do when you’re “finally home” from a long trip?
Take off all my clothes. Immediately into sweats and comfy sweatshirt and cozy socks.