Between the explosion of reality television, docu-series, and high-priced HBO, Amazon and Netflix shows, we’ve lost the magic of ‘90s sitcoms and their beloved stalwart couches. After all, we love to see a bit of ourselves reflected in the characters we watch, especially when they’re mirrored sitting in front of their televisions (celebrities, they’re just like us!). Sofas aren’t just the centerpiece of a real home, they're the meeting area for hallmark moments on our favorite shows. Get nostalgic with these six famous couches, as seen on TV.

The Simpsons

You’ve got to hand it to a 2-D rust-colored loveseat that somehow manages to seat a family of five and hold up for nearly 30 years. Despite being busted, flipped, distorted in 4D and occasionally trapped in a surreal vortex, in the end the couch remains a cornerstone of every Simpsons’ opener gag and a perfect form-fitting groove for Homer’s butt.

Mad Men

Don Draper never won the Coca-Cola account by sitting behind a desk. No, he won it by kicking up his feet and having his daily three-martini breakout session from his mid-century modern office couch. If you haven’t knocked out enough million dollar ideas to pony up for an authentic vintage couch in mint condition, go for the best dupe, like this three-seat sofa in beige with dark wooden legs from Burrow.


The Connor family sofa is less about the piece of furniture and more of a testament to the solid granny square blanket. Without it, the severely past-its-prime plaid couch would have faded into the background instead of deeply embedding itself in the hearts and minds of Americans everywhere. Much like a beloved frugal family member, the couch also serves as a reminder that it’s probably a good idea to routinely make investments to update your living room.

Golden Girls

If you’re going to retire in Miami in the early ‘90s with your four best friends, you better make sure your decor is fitting the part. The Golden Girls’ couch qualifies as a statement piece, because no one just happens to buy a rattan frame and pastel floral cushions without demanding to be acknowledged. Beyond a stylish sit down for Sophia’s infinite shade throwing, Blanche’s perpetual conquests, and Rose’s ill-timed stories about St. Olaf, the couch was shockingly long enough that a statuesque 5’10” Bea Arthur could comfortably stretch out.


First thing’s first: how did they get the Central Perk couch in front of a faux fountain in Burbank, California? Which apathetic barista would allow them to “borrow” their sofa for such an irresponsible venture? And who picked such a garrish pumpkin colored centerpiece for their cafe? In New York of all places! I know it was the ‘90s, but come on. None of the aforementioned barriers stopped this gang from making this iconic couch their own, shockingly last valued at the jaw-dropping price of $25,453. Fortunately, you have much better taste and can score a better deal with a Burrow four-seater in brick red.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Will might have been a thorn in Uncle Phil’s side on the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” but no one can deny that he knew how to maximize his chillage on the Banks’ super plush sofa. Key things to note: stain resistant white fabric, quadruple layers of pillows and accent pillows, and lots of legroom to kick back because it’s first class all the way, baby!