We all live busy lives. Long trips and late nights at the office. This party, that party, carpools, conferences, bucket lists, big plans, and all the things that test our patience in between. These experiences, both frantic and fantastic, define who we are. They push our lives forward.

But with all this movement, there is a special feeling we get when we stick our key in the our front door, turn the knob, and step inside and entering into the place where we feel most comfortable. We curate our homes to create a completely distinct set of feelings: calm, comfort, joy, zen, and belonging.

No other item in our space home gives us those feelings quite like our couch can. It’s where we retreat to rest our bodies and our minds., Where we gather our thoughts and gather with our friends. The couch is the cornerstone of any comfortable space, and it’s always there waiting for you.

When you sink into a Burrow sofa, you should feel Finally Home.


This is why we’re excited to launch Finally Home. Our chance to sit down with friends to see what makes their homes one-of-a-kind, how they dine-in and reset after a long week.