You know you’ve found the ultimate couch when the idea of missing out on a binge watch of the latest Netflix series gives you more FOMO than missing out on an open bar theme party. Or when at least four out of the seven nights of the week you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night to a blue screen because you’re just so damn comfortable, you lulled yourself to sleep. Or when Couch Rules Everything Around Me becomes such a way of life that you start making decorating decisions knowing you’ll always be firmly planted in front of the television on your favorite piece of furniture.

It’s okay, give in. If you’re going to live la vida couch, do it in style with these seven life-changing purchases.

1. A Coffee Table That Doubles As Your Dining Room Table


Elliot Wood Lift-Top Storage Coffee Table by Christopher Knight Home on

Dining room tables? What are those? Your Netflix life doesn’t include rooms without couches and TVs! No, you need a lift-top coffee table that brings the slices of pizza and beverages closer to your mouth without teetering into octogenarian TV tray territory. Along with offering ergonomic-friendly table access, this coffee table has a substantial storage compartment for keeping snacks and blankets handy.

2. A Pillow To Have And To Hold


Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover from West Elm

Whether you’re having another weepy evening watching “Steel Magnolias” for the 400th time or keeping one eye open trying to get through the latest reboot of “It,” you need a sturdy yet soft pillow to bear your emotions. Go for one that’s oversized and extra fluffy so you can really throw your whole weight into it—but one that also looks really cool on your couch. You’re still an adult, after all.

3. Modular Furniture That Lets You Both Recline


Chaise King Sofa from Burrow

If you’re Netflixing for one, stretching out for a day-long James Bond marathon is a no-brainer. Buf if it’s a binge watch for two or more, it’s time to go modular. Make sure you both have room to kick your feet up by getting a Chaise King Sofa from Burrow that has plenty of room in case you have an extra friend or two who wants to pop by with a six pack. Bonus: It’s stain resistant, so don’t sweat it if you spill a glass of wine during a heated debate over who was the best Bond.

4. A Scent to Spark The Mood


Capri Candela by Tocca

Sure, you’ve got the table, couch and pillows, but you’re not done yet! This isn’t amateur hour. This is the Netflix couch big leagues, baby, and you need a candle. Preferably many of them. Lights should be low, air should be ethereal, and the ambiance should make you cackle at all the people sitting in those cold, unfeeling movie theaters because you’re candled up with the best of the best. Find a scent that makes you feel luxurious, like this bright and citrusy candle from Tocca, or a woodsy, earthy scent that makes you want to hibernate forever.

5. Coasters With The Mostest


Lava Rock Coasters from West Elm

Between the bottle of wine and wine glasses, mugs of tea and cups of water, you’re going to need a whole lot of coasters to keep your coffee table from getting scuffed up. Opt for a heavier, solid style like these modern lava rock coasters, show off your artsy side with some limited edition print coasters from your favorite art museum, or stock up on a mishmash of vintage
coasters collected from a weekend of garage sale hunting.

6. Pop It Like It's Hot


Popcorn Maker from Urban Outfitters

A movie night without popcorn is like a cookie without milk. It’s just not right. Never again go without by investing in a popper that is so nice, you start mixing your own salts and spices and dream of selling your popcorn flavor creations at the farmer's market. This one-step vintage-inspired popper decked out in mint green should do the trick.

7. Drink Up Without Getting Up


Bormioli Rocco Premium Carafe on Amazon

You're in the middle of a gripping moment in your movie, you reach for your glass and—gasp!—it’s empty! Do you: A. Pause the movie to refill B. Wait until an opportune moment arises to hit the fridge or C. Reach for your brand new pitcher without missing a beat. The obvious answer is C: Infuse an oversized pitcher with your favorite tea blends, fruits, herbs or booze, plus a healthy dose of ice to keep things cool.