Earth Day is here! (And so is spring—finally!) And while it’s important to be kind to the planet every day, today is a great time to show appreciation. Since its inception in 1970, the activities that people partake in each April 22nd have raised awareness and provided support for both local and global environmental issues. Yet, the hope of nature-lovers everywhere is that whatever activities you partake in today will be sustained throughout the year.

While there are numerous ways to celebrate Earth Day, we have 7 easy ideas for you below!


1. Plant something!

It may seem cliché to plant a tree in honor of Earth Day, but it’s become a tradition for a reason—trees help clean the air, give off oxygen and even cool down city streets. Yet, an easier option (especially for you urban dwellers) is to plant a few vegetables, fruits or herbs in a garden plot or indoor pots. Growing your own food is a good way to help lower the fossil fuel emissions that come from transporting produce to grocery stores. It’s also wonderful for your wallet, and your health.


2. Speak up (or write a letter)

While our everyday individual actions are vital for creating a cleaner and more environmentally friendly world, there are some larger issues that simply can’t be solved by, say, taking shorter showers and using reusable bags. Thus, in order to help make change on a larger scale, consider picking up the phone and calling your city, state and/or country’s representatives. Pass along your concerns for the planet and ask them what they’re doing to help. Here’s how to find their contact info!


3. Become a “green” consumer

In the nearly fifty years since Earth Day was declared a holiday, the public has increasingly become more concerned with where their food, clothing and other goods come from—as well as the ingredients or materials used to make them. Today is a great time to continue (or start!) the habit of buying ecologically friendly products. Here at Burrow, we’re committed to prioritizing sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment. Thus, we love to tell people about how we’re going above and beyond industry standards to build furniture that’s good for the planet. Want to join us in becoming green consumers? Read about our materials and how we source them here.


4. Attend an earth-friendly event

In most cities across the country, organized litter cleanups, festivals and other events are scheduled for the day. Whether you rock out at a benefit concert for a local environmental cause or attend a park’s volunteer information session, you’ll likely walk away with a few ideas about how you can contribute to your community going forth. Consider inviting your friends, or just making new ones while you’re there! Check social media, your local newspaper or Eventbrite for Earth Day events.


5. Use an alternative mode of transportation

If you live close enough to your place of work, think about forgoing your car today and choosing a different method of transportation instead. Fewer vehicles on the road not only mean less traffic, but also less carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere. Thus, whether you walk, bike or take the bus or subway, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint, as well as your own stress levels. Plus, if you choose to walk or bike, you’ll even get in a little exercise before your first cup of coffee.


6. Purchase a reusable water bottle

Each year, billions of pounds of trash end up in the ocean. One of the biggest contributors to this waste is plastic bottles. In fact, only 1 out of 5 are properly recycled. But there’s a solution here: switching to a reusable water bottle helps alleviate the burden that plastic puts on the environment. Not only do reusable bottles reduce waste, they’re also potentially safer and will save you money over time. All the more reason to stay hydrated!


7. Spend some quality time in nature

Often times, we spend so long looking down at our phone screens or binge-watching our favorite Netflix shows that we forget how exhilarating it is to be outside. Earth Day is a great reminder to stop and appreciate the beautiful nature around you. Whether you arrange a picnic in the park with your friends or go for a long hike with your dog, just being outdoors is a wonderful way to become more mindful of the planet. Sure, there are hundreds of ways to become a more eco-friendly citizen—unsubscribe to paper catalogs, buy sustainable products, shop at your local farmer’s market—but sometimes even the simplest acts are vital.