Global warming might inspire a little extra thermal optimism, but the calendar doesn’t lie: we’re only knee-deep into winter. Which means, if you haven’t caught a bug already, there’s still several weeks ahead to test the waters with your immune system (Speaking of, it’s never too late to get that flu shot!). Hibernation is reason enough to stay relegated to the couch, but factor in a good ol’ fashioned winter virus and you’ll be in it for the long haul. Do it right by having these six essentials by your side.

1. A Germ-Blasting Air Pump


Honeywell Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier, available at Amazon.

Is it hot in here or is it just you? Actually, it’s just you, and that dry, stuffy air isn’t doing you any favors, either. Turn your living room into a magical temperate rainforest full of healing vibes with the help of a top-notch humidifier like this one from Honeywell. Warm mist humidifiers help ease breathing when you’re plagued with respiratory congestion from a cold or the flu to speed up healing and prevent future relapses.

2. A Black Magic Blanket


Witch Accessories Throw Blanket, available at Society6

Three packs of cold meds and a litany of bodega candles not giving you enough immediate relief? Wrap yourself in a witchy blanket from Society6 made from super soft polyester and sherpa fleece to ward off the evil demons taking over your immune system. Research shows that staying warm and bundled increases the production of immune system cells that attack and destroy viral cells. In short: this blanket is actual cold season witchcraft.

3. The Ultimate Pillow


Tempurpedic Cooling Pillow, available at Tempurpedic

If “you’re hot then you’re cold” resonates more about your current internal body temperature than the last person to stand you up, chances are you could use this cooling pillow from Tempurpedic. It’s made with breathable fabric that stays cool to the touch, and extra comfort for when you need to sweat while napping through whatever program you’ve left streaming on TV. And that increased sleep has shown in studies to fight infection more rapidly, so go ahead: you’ve earned those Zzs!

4. A Charging Dock, Right By Your Side


Couch with USB charging dock, available at Burrow

Since it’s not 1892, bed nurses have been replaced by technology, which means having a charging dock nearby is pretty much a matter of life and death. Fortunately, Burrow has eliminated that problem by installing handy charging docks right into their couches to keep you plugged in for all the essentials: Netflix, Seamless, and stalking your crush on IG.

5. A Stylin' Robe


Frette Bath Robe, available at Frette

Just because you feel like crap doesn’t mean you need to look like it. Scoop yourself up a luxury level terrycloth robe, like this monogrammed beauty from Frette, and sweat it out in style! Not only does it carry swagger, but the super soft material will add an extra level of warmth while you nestle into your new luxury sickbed life.

6. A Tea Vessel


Stoneware Coffee Mug, available at Etsy

Send a message to your body: you will not go down without a fight! With every pour of that green tea-chamomile-peppermint-turmeric blend you whipped up, this mug makes a firm declaration that no one is coming for you today and no one is putting baby in the corner. Every herb with a touted healing benefit—be it ginger for nausea or echinacea for immune support—will be used. Squeeze some lemon for extra vitamin C and a spoonful of honey to help the medicine go down with this fashion-forward mug.