The Natural Look

Hanging pictures is great, but what about propping them up in a windowsill? We love the way this artwork is arranged so it feels natural. Even the throw blankets look lived in!


Adding a printed accent wall can feel like a big risk. If you’re brave enough, a bold print can warm up a bland room design — and design-friendly wallpaper can make your job even easier.

Earth Tones

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I’m dancing a jig because we made some major progress in the living room!! So many things that you have to see and hear about (new post is up - I’ll add a link in my stories). BUT, let’s chat about what you see right here. I spy one new sofa from @burrow (ad) and there’s a matching one on the other side of this space (wish I could put one of those slow clap GIFS in right now!). 😂 The humongous coffee table was a vintage find. The jury is still out on that! More on the paint color, the rug, the corner cabinet... more on it all on the blog. Progress peeps, progress. 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 #currenthomeview ⁣ •⁣ •⁣ •⁣ #currenthomeview #smploves #housetohome #apartmenttherapy #neutraldecor #livingroomdecor #midwestblogger #lovewhereyoudwell #livingroomdesign #woodfloors #vintageliving #sundayvibes #sundaymorning #lonnylivimg #bhg #myhomevibe #myhome #myhomestyle

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This room is giving us such cozy, homey vibes! Grounding your living room with Earth tones can warm it up without making it feel bogged down with thrift store tchotchkes.

Bold Colors

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Another way to brighten up a room is to center your design around a single bold piece. This Brick Red sofa pairs nicely with both neutral schemes and more eclectic looks.

Clean Lines

There’s a fine line to tread between minimalism and a boring room. Keep things simple but stylish by adding a few pillows from our Mid-Century Collection.

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