Unsure of what to do this Mother’s Day? You could always partake in the holiday’s standard activities, like going out for brunch with the entire extended family, or driving to the movie theatre to wait in line for a sold-out matinée. Yet, this year, maybe overworked moms should consider requesting that their special day is free from chaos, scheduled plans, nosy in-laws and cranky kids. That’s right—here at Burrow, we’re proposing that you turn Mother’s Day into Mother’s Day Off. Although an event-packed day can be exciting, we think that moms everywhere deserve to take a break from their infinite to-do lists and spend a day with their feet up.

With that in mind, here are 5 creative (and relaxing!) ways to celebrate this year’s holiday on the couch:


1. Breakfast in bed on couch

In many cultures, it’s common for children to pamper their parents with breakfast in bed on birthdays or holidays. Yet, this year, consider changing up that child/parent role reversal and ask for the scrambled eggs to be served in the living room instead. Although little ones balancing a bowl of soggy cereal and a mug of lukewarm coffee on a tray is a photo-worthy scene, in reality, being confined to bed can be a hassle. Instead of having to wait (and wait and wait) for your four-year-old to figure out how to use the toaster, moms everywhere should start their days sipping a latte in the coziest spot in the house. You heard us: grab the newspaper and a blanket and post up on the couch!


2. Read a good book (or a bad one!)

Moms all over the world struggle with finding time to just take care of themselves, meaning, it’s no wonder that stacks of bestselling books will sit in the living room for years without getting read. Therefore, this year, spend the day on the couch reading that book you’ve been dying to get into. If you want to turn the activity into a family affair, make sure there’s room enough for everyone to grab a seat. (We recommend our King Sofa or, better yet, our Chaise King Sofa.) Alternatively, mothers have the right today to stretch out, declare “eminent domain” and become immersed in a prize-winning memoir—or a scandalous and deeply entertaining dime store novel. We don’t judge.


3. Watch a mom-friendly movie or TV show

During any family movie night, there’s usually contention over who gets to choose what to watch. Yet, here’s an important reminder for moms who spend far more time watching “Sesame Street” than “Scandal”: Today, you control the TV. Therefore, feel free to binge on that British mystery series that your husband loathes! Jam along to Grease for the thirtieth time! Finally work your way through that six-part documentary that’s been in your DVR queue for months! Considering that this is the one designated day of the year when moms get a break from mothering, watch what you want—guilt and interruption free. Make sure to request that someone else pours the drinks and pops the popcorn.


4. Online shop for something special

A simple but elegant gift like flowers or sweets on Mother’s Day is always appreciated. No one is ever disappointed with a reminder that your children do appreciate all the non-stop, exhausting work you do in order to keep them alive and happy. Yet, this year, stick the tulips in water, open up the box of chocolates and start shopping for the thing that you’ve been wanting all year. Heading to the mall can be stressful, especially on a holiday, so give yourself the gift of at-home and on-the-couch retail therapy. If you’re prone to buyer’s remorse, drop the hint to your family ahead of time that you’d appreciate an online gift certificate. Just remember this: whatever you add to your virtual shopping cart has to be for you, not the baby!


5. Journal or do a creative project

The couch is a great spot to unwind, but Mother’s Day isn’t just about relaxation. Self-care comes in many forms, including taking time to focus on or rekindle a creative passion. Moms should feel free to request the afternoon alone to journal in a diary, sketch, scrapbook, collage or do any other creative project that doesn’t involve crying toddlers, finger-paint and/or popsicle sticks. This is one of many times when a durable and stain resistant Burrow Ottoman can come in handy. If you accidentally spill a bit of Chardonnay while painting a sunset over Paris, there’s no need to panic. Plus, making masterpieces on a comfy couch is way more fun than pitching your easel in the barren basement or garage.