Okay, so you graduated college, landed a job and moved into an apartment with friends. Now it’s time to upgrade your style. Why? Because you are a professional now and it’s time to own your new life and new status.

Below are the five must-have items to give you a head start on living your best, post-college life:

1. A set of good quality knives.

When you’re in college, cooking is not a priority. That’s because there isn’t a lot of time between juggling friends, classes and everything else on-campus. Once you start working a 9-5, you don’t get a lot of time back, but you do get into a regular schedule, and this makes cooking a lot easier.

As any good chef will tell you, your cooking skills are only as good as your tools. And so, as you enter the adult world, one absolute necessity, is a high-quality knife. Those multi-colored knives from Ikea simply won’t cut it anymore.

Our two favorite knife options are the Wusthof knife set and the Victorinox knife, for a less expensive individual blade. Beyond better knives, another excellent way to save time and headaches in the kitchen is to sign up for a meal kit. There are a ton of options on the market now that can cater to whatever your dietary needs might be.

2. A set of wine glasses

Whether you go stemless (my personal preference) or buy a traditional wine glass set, good glassware is an easy way to level up your life. When entertaining a date or cooking with friends, it makes a difference if you are pouring your wine into a nice glass or a coffee mug.

Our two favorite wine glass sets are this one from William and Sonoma and this one from Riedel.

3. A cleaning person.

More than likely, when you graduate and take your first job you will be moving into an apartment with roommates. One of the worst parts of sharing an apartment is figuring out a cleaning schedule. While it won’t solve all your roommate infighting, having an outside cleaner come by once a month to get your apartment spic and span is a smart way to go. A cleaner will make your place look amazing, without requiring you to spend hours scrubbing and dusting.

While you can use a service like Handy to find a cleaner, they typically overcharge. We recommend using your local Yelp listings to find someone that’s right for you.

4. A custom fitted suit for your friends’ weddings.

Data from Goldman Sachs shows that our generation is big on putting off big life events like buying homes and getting married. But, even if you live in a city full of Peter Pans, the inevitable will happen—your friends will get married. And when that happens, it’s important to show up in style. Wearing a rented suit that doesn’t fit simply isn’t good enough.

When it comes to buying a quality, custom suit there are plenty of online options. Two of the most highly rated are Indochino and Black Lapel.

5. A Burrow Couch!

Last, but not least, let’s state the obvious—when you graduate college, it’s time to get rid of those old Craigslist-bought couches you own. If you are going to invest in any furniture for your new apartment, it should be a modern couch.

Why? Because your couch is the centerpiece of your living room. It’s where everyone hangs out. And a couch that is comfortable and that doesn’t sag when you sit on it, sends a message to your guests—you have style.

You can check out different options from Burrow here.

And that’s it. Follow these five tips and you’ll be well on your way to living a professional and successful life.

Nathan Parcells is an editor for InsiderEnvy, a leading lifestyle site for young professionals. Nathan lives in San Francisco, and outside of work, Nathan enjoys hiking, rock climbing, the Washington Capitals, and exploring the bay.